Local Coronavirus Help

Longtown Community Network

Supported by Longtown Group Parish Council

Longtown Community Network has been established to offer direct help to you if you need to self-isolate.

For the most current guidance please visit
GOV.UK Coronavirus

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… or call 01873 280028
Calls answered 6:00am-10.00pm — Voicemail overnight

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Help can be provided for:

What is important for those affected?

  1. The delivery of essential items such as prescriptions, shopping and other essential supplies;
  2. The delivery of Personal care items. These may include cooking, toiletries etc.
  3. The care of dependents;
  4. Support for social isolation, to help people feel less lonely;
  5. The care of pets including dog walking;
  6. Having a ‘plan’ in place if you become unwell;
  7. Supporting local shops and businesses;
  8. Help those who have to self-isolate to be able to comply with the latest advice.

What can we do to help?

I need help

I would like to offer help